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Enjoy Daria-chain an enabler of Multiways web3.0 ecosystem


Sustainable Ecosystem

Incentivized ecosystem for our user’s benefit through monetizing utilities with the help of our ever-growing B2B network.


AI Triple Camera

Capture stunning photos and video clips with the power of sophisticated AI algorithms, image processing and our state-of-the-art 50MP camera sensor.


Incredible Display

High-resolution/High-DPI screen display with vivid colors and deep blacks, featuring HDR support and adaptive refresh rate for the best viewing experience but less battery consumption.


Android 14

Using latest Android 14, featuring improved security, privacy settings, and faster performance. A custom user interface to make navigation easier for all users.


About US


Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we store and transfer value across the internet. At it's core, blockchain is a decentralized, transparent, and secure ledger that allows us to interact with each other without the need for intermediaries. Since its inception, blockchain has been adopted by a variety of industries, from finance to healthcare, to improve the efficiency, security, and transparency of their ... Read more


Business model planningTeam and developer recruitmentOperating System PrototypingAdopting OS into a simple prototype


Core essentials developmentWallet and blockchain development Research and development of hardware componentsDesign of the Daria bond Blockchain Adopted Smartphone


Finalizing of smartphone device and Android operating systemBlockchain adaptation testingregistration of smartphone on GSMA


Gradual expansion of ecosystem with new partnerships with focus on Shopify such as commodity and consumer market service providers, shopping malls, restaurants




A Blockchain-Adopted Smartphone and it’s Ecosystem

bond Smartphone
Daria-Chain Client Node
Daria-Chain Server Node
Built-In Wallet
Blockchain Explorer
Application Suite

bond Smartphone

The bond model of Daria series of Smartphone (Daria bond) is a product, that offers new approaches to community-based monetization through cutting-edge mobile phone, blockchain, and Web3.0 technology.

Daria-Chain Client

The Daria bond smartphone comes with an embedded client node that works with the Proof of Activity consensus protocol. The client nodes validate the activities of other users based on transactions showing the activity of task completion of each other. The client node is built into the smartphone's hardware and is always on, allowing for seamless validation of transactions without any additional effort from the owner.

Daria-Chain Server

The MULTIWAYS ecosystem includes Daria-Chain that is a blockchain built by a sophisticated BTF Hybrid consensus mechanism.

A distributed private ledger under Daria-Chain is responsible for storing all transactions validated by Client Nodes that occur within the MULTIWAYS ecosystem. All the Daria-Chain Server nodes are responsible to receive a transaction for a client node, send the transaction to its group of available client nodes for validation, generate and verify the block and register the finalized blocks in to the ledger.

Built-In Wallet

Daria bond smartphones come with a built-in wallet. This wallet is an essential component of the MULTIWAYS ecosystem, providing users with a convenient and secure way to store and manage their rewards and bonuses earned through the activities and contributions. It is designed to be user-friendly and secure, and provides a seamless experience for users who wish to participate in the blockchain revolution.

Blockchain Explorer

The Daria-Chain is supported by a WebGUI blockchain explorer that allows users to view and track all transactions in the blockchain. The blockchain explorer is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to validate transactions or monitor the health and security of the network and ledger.

Application Suite

Our Daria bond smartphones come with a suite of super-app that is fully integrated with our blockchain ecosystem. This application is designed to provide our users with unique monetization opportunities and enhance their smartphone experience.

Daria bond Smartphone

The bond model of Daria series of Smartphone (Daria bond) is a product, that offers new approaches to community-based monetization through cutting-edge mobile phone, blockchain, and Web3.0 technology.

These smartphones provide a seamless user experience with the power of the Android operating system, making them not only a conventional smartphone for phone calling, high-resolution video and photography, and supporting Google Play Store applications but also enabling additional features for the Web3.0 and blockchain ecosystem.

The Daria bond smartphones are equipped with a built-in client node working with the Proof of Activity consensus, and a built-in wallet for storing and distributing rewards and digital assets. Furthermore, the Daria bond smartphones can run built-in applications designed to provide monetization offers to owners. These applications generate relevant tasks and transactions, allowing owners to earn rewards in multiple ways.

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Our services


MULTIWAYS offers a wide range of services to cater to the needs of both businesses and consumers. Our services are designed to provide a seamless experience and enhance productivity for businesses while offering unique and valuable experiences for consumers.


Private Ledger Service

Our Blockchain offers a secure and decentralized ledger system that allows our clients and partners to ...

Smart Advertising

MULTIWAYS offers a smart advertising service to its business clients. Our smart advertising service ...

Mass Processing and Storage

MULTIWAYS offers a mass processing and storage service to its business clients. This service allows ...

Application Test Platform

MULTIWAYS offers an application testing services to its business partners and clients. This service provides ...

MEC-Enabled IoT

MULTIWAYS offers a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) enabled Internet of Things (IoT) service to business establishments ...

Data Mining & Analytics

MULTIWAYS offers a data mining and analytics service to its business clients. This service allows businesses ...

Survey Conduction and Reporting

MULTIWAYS offers a survey conduction and reporting service to its business clients. This service allows ...

Virtual Marketing Platform

MULTIWAYS offers a metaverse and marketing service to its business clients. This service allows businesses ...

Personalized Monetization

At MULTIWAYS, we understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences. To cater to ...

Simplified Monetization

In addition to our Personalized Monetization, we also offer Simplified Monetization to our customers. These applications ...

Exclusive Discounts and Rewards

MULTIWAYS provides its customers with a wide range of exclusive discounts and rewards from various brands ...

VIP Club and Metaverse

The VIP Club is a special program that provides exclusive benefits to Daria bond owners. Our VIP Club ...

Cloud Storage & Software

MULTIWAYS offers a suite of cloud-based services to enhance the functionality and performance of the ...

After-Sales Services

At MULTIWAYS, we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success, which is why we offer ...

Monetization Support

At MULTIWAYS, we understand the importance of a sustainable and profitable business model for our ...




Daria bond Smartphone Specifications:

Dimensity 7050 - Octa Core 6nm @ 2.6GHz
256GB Storage + 8GB RAM
Rear Camera: 50MP + 8MP + 2MP

mobile image devices

Front Camera: 16MP punch-hole
Display: 6.78" Curved - 1080×2400
Biometric: Fingerprint and FaceID


Battery: 4700 mAh
Dual SIM (nano SIM)
Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, FM Radio


Android 14
Cellular Network: GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G




MULTIWAYS International L.L.C., in partnership with MULTIWAYS Technology L.L.C., has developed a revolutionary smartphone and its ecosystem that rewards users for their, either automated or manual smartphone activities, based on their preferred smart contract interactions. The ecosystem is built on a distributed private ledger using proof of authority consensus protocol for server nodes, and proof of activity consensus protocol for client nodes. This white paper outlines the design and development of this ecosystem, and the benefits it provides to users.

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client image


Users who own a Daria bond smartphone will automatically be enrolled in the Own2Earn program ...

client image


Users who own a Daria bond smartphone can participate in the Validate2Earn utility by validating the ...

client image


Sell2Earn utility will allow users to earn rewards by promoting and selling the Daria bond smartphones ...

client image


Test2Earn utility will allow users to earn rewards by participating in beta testing of Android applications. Users will ...

client image


Participate2Earn is a utility designed to provide rewards to Daria bond owners for participating and completing surveys requested ...

client image


This utility is designed to reward Daria bond owners for viewing ads and promotions on their smartphones. Advertisers and ...

client image


The Watch2Earn utility is a monetization feature that allows Daria bond owners to earn rewards by watching videos or ads. This feature ...

client image


The Purchase2Earn utility allows Daria bond owners to earn rewards for purchasing products or services from partner companies. These partner ...

client image


Fly2Earn is a utility designed for frequent travelers who own a Daria bond. The utility offers rewards in the form of bonuses ...

client image


Talk2Earn is a utility that provides incentives for users to make phone calls with their Daria bond smartphones ...

client image


Collect2Earn is a utility that allows Daria bond owners to earn rewards by collecting NFTs, Art works or digital assets specified by ...

client image


The Provide2Earn utility allows Daria bond owners to earn rewards by contributing to the blockchain ecosystem with their ...



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