Daria BOND Smartphone:

The BOND model of Daria series of Smartphone (Daria BOND) is a product, that offers new approaches to community-based monetization through cutting-edge mobile phone, and its Web3.0 ecosystem.

These smartphones provide a seamless user experience with the power of the Android operating system, making them not only a conventional smartphone for phone calling, high-resolution video and photography, and supporting Google Play Store applications but also enabling additional features under its unique ecosystem.

The Daria BOND smartphones are equipped with a built-in client node working with the Proof of Activity consensus, and a built-in wallet under closed-loop scheme for distributing and redemption of rewards. Furthermore, the Daria BOND smartphones can run built-in applications designed to provide monetization offers to its owner. These applications generate relevant tasks, allowing owners to earn rewards in multiple ways.

With Daria BOND smartphones, owners can participate in related ecosystem and take advantage of the many monetization utilities that we offer. By using Daria BOND, owners can access a new world of community-based monetization while experiencing the cutting-edge technologies of the mobile phone, DLT, and Web3.0 ecosystem.

Daria Client Node:

The Daria BOND smartphone provides an embedded client node that works under the Proof of Activity consensus protocol. The client node validate the activities of other users based on transactions with time-stamping the task completion of each other. The client node is built into the smartphone's as a part of Daria Core Services and any user may activate/deactivate and increase/decrease the intensity of the validation without any additional effort from the owner.

The embedded client node serves as an important component of the DLT, allowing for decentralized validation of tasks and activities among smartphone owners. The validation process ensures that the tasks are completed properly in competence with Server Nodes. The client nodes also help to distribute rewards and monetization bonuses to smartphone owners, based on their contributions to the validation process.

The client node is designed to be eco-friendly with minimum requirements for time-stamping and validation process. It is also optimized for the Daria BOND smartphones, ensuring that the validation process does not drain the battery life or impact the overall performance of the device.

The embedded client node on Daria BOND smartphones is a unique feature that sets us apart from other smartphone manufacturers. It represents our commitment to build unique ecosystem, and our belief in the power of decentralized validation and monetization.

Daria Server Node:

Our distributed private ledger is an immutable way for storing all activities validated by Client Nodes that occur within the ecosystem. All the Daria Server nodes are responsible to sort out generated interaction(s) form a Daria Bond device, send the activity to its group of active Client Nodes for validation and synchronize the registration process of finalized activity to the DLT.

The distributed private ledger is a secure and tamper-proof ledger that is accessible only to authorized Server Node operators. It is designed to provide transparency and accountability in the validation and monetization process, and to ensure that all interactions are processed fairly and accurately.

The Daria Server Nodes that host the distributed private ledger are operated by Proof of Authority consensus protocol, ensuring that the ledger is secure and reliable. The ledger is constantly updated and verified by the Server Nodes, ensuring that the most accurate and up-to-date information is always available to users.

The Daria Server Nodes are an important component of the MULTIWAYS ecosystem, providing a decentralized, secure and reliable record of all interactions that occur within the ecosystem. It allows users to view and verify their activity, and to ensure that their rewards and bonuses are accurately recorded and distributed.

The distributed private ledger within the Server Nodes, is also designed to be scalable, allowing for the addition of new users and interactions without any impact on its performance or reliability. This ensures that the ecosystem can continue to grow and expand, providing more opportunities for smartphone owners to earn rewards and bonuses based on their contributions to the ecosystem.

The Server Nodes are testament to our commitment in security, reliability, and transparency of the ecosystem. We believe that it is the key to unlocking the full potential of the MULTIWAYS ecosystem, and to providing a new way for Daria BOND smartphone owners to participate in the Web3.0 revolution.

Daria Wallet:

Daria BOND smartphones come with a built-in wallet. Daria wallet as single purpose stored of value facility, is an essential component of the MULTIWAYS ecosystem under closed-loop scheme, providing users with a convenient and secure way to store and manage their rewards charged/earned through the activities and contributions. It is designed to be user-friendly and providing a seamless experience for users who wish to participate in the revolutionary MULTIWAYS ecosystem.

The loyalty points and rewards stored is pegged to the fiat currency, ensuring that users can easily understand and track the value of their earnings.

Users can easily view their balances, transaction history, and other details related to their wallet through the Daria Wallet application. The wallet also includes advanced security features, such as encryption, to ensure that user rewards are always secure.

Daria Explorer:

The ecosystem is supported by a WebGUI explorer that allows users to view and track all activities in the DLT. Daria explorer is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to conduce analytics or monitor the health and security of the network and ledger. The Daria explorer provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to view all activities on the network, including details such as task completion, monetization rewards, redemptions, and activity timestamps.

In addition, the Daria explorer also provides other valuable data and the current status of the network traffics as well as to monitor the overall health and security of the network. The Daria explorer is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to access the information quickly and easily they need, which It is accessible through any web browser.

We believe that the Daria explorer is an important step towards creating a more transparent and secure ecosystem, one in which users can easily and confidently participate in the ecosystem, where we are committed to continuously improve this product, ensuring that it remains an essential tool for our users.

Daria Entertainer:

MULTIWAYS partnered up with The ENTERTAINER, the leading lifestyle app for Buy One Get One free offer to launch a new co-branded application. This application supports enticing offers from popular brands across multiple verticals including food, beverages, beauty & fitness and many more.

Onboarded brands with the ENTERTAINER offer a wide range of offers for various venues in different countries, categorized under distinct packages.

Community members who own a Daria Bond smartphone are eligible to subscribe to any or all packages, utilizing a portion of their earned loyalty points stored within their DariaWallet application.

The application features packages for the following countries: UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, and Bahrain. Each activated package remains valid for 12 months from the date of subscription and can be renewed upon request.

Application Suite:

The Daria BOND smartphones come with a suite of applications that is fully integrated with our DLT and ecosystem. This suite is designed to host various applications to provide our users with unique monetization opportunities and enhance their smartphone experience.

Applications are mostly pre-installed on Daria BOND smartphones and can interact with our ecosystem, allowing users to easily participate in monetization utilities and redemption offers. Applications are also designed to be updated over-the-air (OTA), ensuring that users always have access to the latest offers, features and functionality.

All the applications tailored to meet the specific needs of our users and are focused on providing verious monetization opportunities. They include utilities such as Own2Earn, Validate2Earn, Sell2Earn, Test2Earn, Participate2Earn, View2Earn, Watch2Earn, Purchase2Earn, Fly2Earn, Talk2Earn, Collect2Earn, and Provide2Earn.

This is where you will be rewarded for a variety of activities, including owning, validating, selling, testing, participating, viewing, watching, purchasing, flying, talking, collecting, and providing. This super-app is designed to be easy to use and accessible to all of our users, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

We believe that our suite of applications is an essential component of our ecosystem, enhancing their smartphone experience. We are committed to continuous development, upgrade and Improvement of our applications, ensuring that it will remain an essential tool for our community and ecosystem.