1.           Users who own a Daria BOND smartphone will automatically be enrolled in the Own2Earn program.

2.           The program will periodically snapshot the user's smartphone availability by means of being ready to contribute to the network with a stable connection to the internet. The program will generate rewards based on the user's standby period, or the duration of time the smartphone is ready to accept tasks and participate in the network.

3.           The bonuses earned through the Own2Earn program can be redeemed for various rewards. Such as discounts on products and services or access to exclusive events and activities.

Overall, the Own2Earn utility is designed to reward users for simply owning and using their Daria BOND phones which are ready to contribute to the network. It's just one of the many ways that we are working to create a community-based monetization system that benefits everyone involved.



1.           Users who own a Daria BOND smartphone can participate in the Validate2Earn utility by validating the completion of tasks and activities performed by other users on the network.

2.           When a user completes a task, the task is submitted to the network for validation. Other users on the network can then validate the completion of the task by checking the relevant data and information associated with the task.

3.           If the task is successfully validated, the user who submitted the task will earn a reward in the form of bonuses, which can be redeemed for various rewards.

4.           Users who participate in the validation process will also be rewarded for their contributions. The bonuses earned will depend on the number of tasks validated and the accuracy of the validations.

5.           The Validate2Earn utility not only helps to ensure the accuracy and quality of tasks performed on the network, but also provides users with an opportunity to earn rewards simply by contributing to the validation process.

Overall, the Validate2Earn utility is designed to create a self-regulating and incentivized system for the completion of tasks and activities on the network. By incentivizing users to validate each other's work, we are working to create a more reliable and efficient network that benefits everyone involved.



1.           Sell2Earn utility will allow users to earn rewards by promoting and selling the Daria BOND smartphones to their friends and relatives. Users will be able to generate unique referral links through our super-app with their wallet address connected to the referral link, which they can share with others. When someone clicks on this referral link and makes a purchase of the Daria BOND smartphones, the user who owns the referral link will receive a sales commission.

2.           The commission will be a percentage of the total sales price of the smartphone and will be paid out in the form of bonuses. The bonuses will be transferred directly to the user's built-In wallet, where they can be stored, exchanged or can be redeemed as various type of rewards.

3.           The Sell2Earn utility creates a decentralized marketplace on the network, where users can buy and sell goods and services without the need for intermediaries.

4.           The utility also benefits small businesses and entrepreneurs who may not have access to traditional marketplaces, by providing them with a platform to sell Daria BOND smartphones directly to consumers.

5.           The Sell2Earn utility is designed to create a more inclusive and equitable economy on the network, where users can participate in commerce without the need for traditional financial institutions or intermediaries.

Overall, the Sell2Earn utility is designed to empower users to participate in commerce and create a more decentralized and democratic economy on the network. By incentivizing users to sell, we are working to create a more vibrant and diverse ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.



Test2Earn utility will allow users to earn rewards by participating in beta testing of Android applications. Users will be able to access the beta testing program, where they can sign up for available tests.

Once a user is accepted into a beta testing program, they will be provided with instructions on how to test the application. The user will then be required to test the application thoroughly, identify and report any bugs or issues, and provide feedback.

Upon successful completion of the beta testing program, the user will receive a reward in the form of bonuses. The amount of the reward will vary depending on the length and complexity of the beta testing program.

It is important to note that Test2Earn utility is limited to the beta testing of Android applications only. Only smartphone owners who have access to the Daria BOND smartphones will be able to participate in the program and receive rewards.



Participate2Earn is a utility designed to provide rewards to Daria BOND owners for participating and completing surveys requested by third-party institutions. Users will be able to participate in various surveys through the built-in application in their Daria BOND smartphones. The surveys may cover various topics such as market research, customer satisfaction, product feedback, and many others.

When a user completes a survey, they will receive rewards in the form of bonuses that can be stored on their wallet to be used within the ecosystem or exchanged for fiat currency. The rewards will vary based on the complexity and length of the survey.

The survey forms will be sent to users who have opted-in to participate in surveys, and the surveys will be conducted in a secure and anonymous manner, ensuring that the user's privacy is protected. The survey results will be used by the third-party institutions to gain insights into customer preferences and opinions, which can be used to improve their products or services.

The Participate2Earn utility incentivizes users to share their opinions and feedback, which can be valuable to third-party institutions. Users are rewarded for their time and effort, while third-party institutions receive valuable insights that can help improve their products or services.



This utility is designed to reward Daria BOND owners for viewing ads and promotions on their smartphones. Advertisers and content providers can place ads and videos on the Daria ecosystem, and Daria BOND owners can choose to watch them in order to earn rewards.

When a Daria BOND owner watches an ads or video, they will earn a certain amount of bonuses in their wallet. The amount of rewards earned will depend on the length and type of ads or video viewed, and the advertiser may set a cap on the number of ads that can be watched per day or per viewer.

To participate in View2Earn, Daria BOND owners simply need to opt-in to the program and start watching ads and videos. The system will keep track of their viewing history and rewards earned, and they can redeem their rewards at any time through the built-in wallet.

View2Earn offers advertisers and content providers a new and innovative way to reach their target audience, and offers Daria BOND community, an easy and fun way to earn rewards while using their phones.



The Watch2Earn utility is a monetization feature that allows Daria BOND owners to earn rewards by watching videos or ads. This feature is similar to the View2Earn utility, but with a key difference; with Watch2Earn, users are required to watch the entire video or ad before they can earn the reward.

Here's how it works:

1.           Daria smartphone owners will have access to Watch2Earn utility within the built-in Applications

2.           They will be presented with a selection of videos or ads to choose from.

3.           Upon selecting a video or ads, they will be required to watch the entire content without skipping or fast-forwarding.

4.           Once the video or ads is complete, the user will receive a reward in the form of bonuses that can be stored in their built-in wallet.

5.           The reward amount will vary based on the length of the video or ads, with longer videos or ads offering higher rewards.

This utility is especially useful for advertisers and content creators who want to reach a targeted audience and are willing to pay for their attention. The Watch2Earn utility ensures that users are engaged with the content and provides an added layer of security against fraudulent activity.

In summary, the Watch2Earn utility is a powerful monetization tool that benefits both Daria BOND owners and content creators by providing a fair and secure way to earn and reward engagement.



The Purchase2Earn utility allows Daria BOND owners to earn rewards for purchasing products or services from partner companies. These partner companies will be carefully selected to provide users with relevant and attractive offers that match their interests.

When a Daria BOND owner purchases a product or service from a partner company. This will automatically confirm the transaction and verify the purchase. The reward for the transaction will be calculated based on the value of the purchase and the reward percentage agreed upon with the partner company. The reward will be automatically transfers to the user's built-in wallet.

The Purchase2Earn utility will provide users with an added incentive to make purchases from partner companies, while also helping to drive business for these companies. Additionally, the utility will allow for easy and transparent tracking of transactions and rewards for both users and partner companies.

It is important to note that this utility will only be available for purchases made with the Daria BOND which are blockchain adopted smartphones.



Fly2Earn is a utility designed for frequent travelers who own a Daria BOND. The utility offers rewards in the form of bonuses for airline ticket bookings made through the super-app platform.

Here is how Fly2Earn utility will work:

1.           Users can access the Fly2Earn utility through the Daria super-app.

2.           The user will be prompted to enter their flight details, including the origin, destination, and travel dates.

3.           The platform will search for available flights and display the options along with the corresponding reward points.

4.           Once the user selects a flight, they can complete the booking process through the platform.

5.           The reward tokens will be automatically transferred to the user's Built-In wallet.

6.           Users can use the earned tokens for various purposes, including converting them into fiat currency or redeeming them on their next flight purchases.

Fly2Earn utility aims to incentivize frequent travelers to use the Daria BOND and promote the adoption of the blockchain ecosystem.



Talk2Earn is a utility that provides incentives for users to make phone calls with their Daria BOND smartphones. By participating in Talk2Earn, users can earn rewards in the form of bonuses for making calls.

The Talk2Earn utility works by tracking the duration of phone calls made on the Daria BOND. The system records the time spent on the call and calculates the corresponding rewards based on the Talk2Earn incentive structure.

To participate in Talk2Earn, users need to opt-in through the Daria BOND’s built-in app which uses certain number of contracted operators worldwide. Once opted-in, they can start making phone calls as usual. The Talk2Earn utility will automatically track and record the duration of the calls made and reward the user accordingly.

The rewards earned through Talk2Earn can be used in various ways, such as redeeming them for discounts on Daria smartphones, purchasing products and services from partner companies.

Talk2Earn is an innovative way to incentivize users to make more phone calls and engage with the Daria ecosystem. It provides a win-win situation for both the users and the ecosystem, as users can earn rewards while contributing to the growth and adoption of the Daria BOND smartphone and ecosystem.



Collect2Earn is a utility that allows Daria BOND owners to earn rewards by collecting NFTs, Art works or digital assets specified by third-party institutions. The NFTs and digital assets can be collected through various methods such as scanning QR codes, visiting certain locations, or completing specific tasks.

Once the Daria smartphone owner collects the digital assets, they can use the built-in wallet to store and manage them. The collected tokens or digital assets can then be exchanged for rewards, such as discounts on products or services, or can be sold for a profit.

The institutions offering digital assets can set their own rules and criteria for earning and collecting the assets. A Daria BOND owner can view the available digital assets through the built-in blockchain explorer and decide which ones they want to collect.

Overall, Collect2Earn provides a unique opportunity for Daria BOND owners to earn rewards while engaging with various institutions and collecting digital assets.



The Provide2Earn utility allows Daria BOND owners to earn rewards by contributing to the blockchain ecosystem with their skills and knowledge. The utility will offer various tasks that require certain skills, such as coding, graphic design, writing, translation, etc.

The tasks will be published on the Daria blockchain ecosystem platform and the Daria BOND owners can choose to participate in them. Once a task is completed and verified by the ecosystem platform, the smartphone owner will receive a reward based on the complexity and quality of their work.

The reward will be in the form of bonuses and can be stored in the built-in wallet. The bonuses can be used to purchase goods or services from the Daria ecosystem or can be exchanged for fiat currencies.

The Provide2Earn utility will benefit both the Daria smartphone owners and the Daria ecosystem platform. The smartphone owners will have the opportunity to earn rewards based on their skills and knowledge, while the ecosystem platform will have access to a pool of skilled contributors to help build and develop the blockchain ecosystem.